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Week 1

Environment Canada 2007 Spring Outlook

"Most of the Atlantic provinces can expect near normal temperatures with the exception of Labrador where below normal temperatures will dominate. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island can look forward to near normal precipitation this spring. Nova Scotia and parts of Newfoundland and Labrador can expect above normal precipitation".

May 5th -  I wish Environment Canada would define what "near normal temperatures" means.  Late February to the early part of spring has been the coldest since the early 90's.  The last bit of snow left the front lawn May 4th but some snow still remains around the the back of the property.   I saw this weather warning earlier this spring.

This is what I woke up to May 1st.  By the middle of the afternoon the overnight snowfall had all melted and what remained was what fell during the winter.  The only good thing about this weather was that there was not much that could be done around the yard except chunk up next winter's wood. 


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Week 2

May 7th -  "Like it or not, we need to learn to live with micro-organisms and perhaps even use them to our advantage for strengthening not only our own defences but also the defences of our birds -   Dr Karl Frank."  For the rest of the story go to:  Resistance to Infection


Overall Results

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