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Week 2

Sept 3rd - The birds were exercised the first day after the race and flew for 20 minutes.  On Thursday most of them flew for about 40 minutes and on Saturday almost a full hour.  I handled a few birds over the last couple of days and I got the impression that they have recovered very well after their 8 1/2 hour flight.

Today, about a third of the birds landed after flying for about an hour the balance began landing at the 75 minute mark.  Now that felt really good.


There are 60 ebanded birds in the loft which includes my team.  Two of my no name strain arrived yesterday.  They were quite emaciated.  Both, I thought would be very promising youngsters and their early performance indicated so.  I guess I was wrong but isn't that always the case.

The Cape Breton race from St Peter's (450 km) was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday but the weather prediction is not promising according to Environment Canada.  However, for long range the Weather Network's prediction looks quite promising for an end of the week race.



Sept 4th - The Le Tour team was let out for their morning exercise at 7:57 in a light rain.  At the 15 minute mark of their exercise period it became a steady rain and for a while I thought it would become a down pour.  For 30 minutes it rained this way and then returned to a light rain.  About a third of the birds landed at the 55 minute mark and the rest flew 10 minutes longer.


Sept 5th - It was a beautiful September day.  The birds were let out at 8:00 am for their morning exercise period in cloudless skies, dead calm and comfortably warm conditions.   At about 9:00, just as I was about to call them in while they were circling above the loft, a goshawk appeared out of nowhere.  It selected its prey and chased it to the north east of the barn.  In a few seconds it reappeared and made a feeble attempt to chase the rest of the birds but they quickly disappeared to the south.  The birds reappeared a good 30 minutes later, circled the loft for another 15 minutes and trapped without incident.  I clocked the birds and no one was missing and I didn't spot an injured bird in the loft.

The Le Tour Team will be basketed in the morning for Stage 8, the race from St Peter's (450 km).  The release is scheduled for Thursday.

Week 3

Sept 11th - The birds exercised for close to 20 minutes the day after the race.  For the following days they exercised 30, 40 and today 50 minutes.  For the first 3 days about 80% flew the duration listed.  Today was the first day that everyone flew the full time. 

The mornings have been frosty cool but the days were very comfortable for a September day.  The daytime temperatures have been hovering around 20 C.  I handled a few birds that caught my eye and they have never handled better.  At least from the outside they look good but who knows how they feel inside.  Flying 50 minutes today suggests that they feel pretty good.  Some birds are starting to show more molting around the head and some of the wing cover feathers are missing.  The odd one has a few tail feathers missing.  Some of the leaders don't have a feather out of place.


Two more birds arrived today.  I have 56 eband birds for the next race.  Half of the birds that began racing are still here.  They have flown what basically was the normal Le Tour series and are now going into the extended version with another race from Cape Breton Island.

Week 4


Week 5



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