CU 05 VIC 185 was bred by Bjorn Bjornson of Viking Loft from one of his most successful breeding pairs.  VIC 185 is a full sister to Iron Lady and Iron Man who placed 20th & 205th in the SAM$ Race against 3000+ birds.  For RoseHill Loft she bred nest mates who were 4th & 6th OA LTTS being in the first drop from two 450 km races and flying 9 races totaling 2500 km.  Also 5 out of 6 of her youngsters flew the LTTS course successfully and 3 with distinction:  06 CU 15481, 06 CU 1549308 CU 911                       

In 2010 she bred 1st UNC Bond Race (565km) when only 23% of the birds homed on the day.