"Restigouche Red" 93CU30639 is bred from Maverick x Robin.  Robin is from the "Red Baron" by "Iron Maiden" when mated to her best son.  Robin is a full sister to "X-Mas"Restigouche is the sire and grand sire to some of my best stock birds.  He is a half brother to  "Richibouctou" , "Silverado", Strawberry and CU 26556/03.

Restigouche's 3 best sons are:  Bouctouche, Nictau & Pabineau and his best daughters are Perfect Storm and Fine.


Restigouche's breeding record is below.


Breeding Record

-Grandsire of CU 30027/02, 7th Le Tour 2001
-Sire of 56th Canuck Classic 2002
-Grandsire of CU 24553/01, 11th Le Tour 2002
-Grandsire of CU 24560/02, 31st Le Tour 2002
-Grandsire of "Wonder Woman"
-Sire of "Perfect Storm" 
-Grandsire of CU 24528/02, 4th 200 miles & CU 24568/02 5th 200 miles for Mike Tomshak of the Calgary Racing Pigeon Club
-Grandsire of CU 38407/00, 4th 300 miles, 5th Ace Bird in the Calgary Olympic Derby 2000
-Grandsire of CU 30017/01, 23rd 300 miles Bragg's Race 
-Grandsire CU 38241/00, equal 6th Le Tour but not entered
Note: In 1998 Restigouche bred 3 cocks and a hen that were shipped with the Le Tour birds to the 500 km race but not entered.  They were released on a day when the last half of the course was covered with rain.  Five young birds trapped on the day 30 minutes ahead of the next bird to arrive; four of these were were bred from "Restigouche" x Blue Beauty.