"O'Henri"  99 CU 35467 is bred from Richibouctou x Blue Beauty and a sister to YTuKay the dam of the Alberta Classic winner 2000. 

"O'Henri" in the 3 consecutive years has bred excellent flyers in 3 different major futurities in Canada with 3 different cocks.  See breeding history below.

Breeding Performance of Next of Kin

In 2001 O'Henri bred CU 14701/01, 1st 100 km, 1st 200 km and 2nd 200 km, Le Tour 2001. 

In 2002 with "Pabineau" she bred CU 24505, 22nd at 350 miles in the Canuck Classic 2002.

In 2003 with "Mordant" she bred CU 26525/03, 5th 350 km Alberta Classic 2003.

Since then she has been grand dams to 2nd MidIsland Derby and 29th Empire Classic 350, 371 birds shipped from 536 original entries.