"Mordant" 99CU90623  was bred by Clint Morden and entered in the Alberta Classic where he won 1st at 420 mile and was 10th Overall.


Below is Mordant's breeding record:



These are only Futurity Results

-Sire of  CU 38413/00 1st Overall Alberta Classic

-Sire of CU 30019/01, 1st Long Champion & 4th Overall Le Tour 

-Sire of CU 24532/02, 6th Overall Le Tour

-Sire of CU 24524/02, flown Le Tour

-Grandsire of CU 24520/02, flown Le Tour

-Grandsire of EC 1744/01, 5th at 520 miles (day bird and in first drop) and 13th Overall in the Alberta Classic

-Sire of 03 CU 26525, 5th 350 km (1st drop) Alberta Classic 2003

-Sire of 03 CU 26517, 5th 500 km (1st drop) Alberta Classic 2003

-Grandsire of FCQ-QC 2273, 1st 300 km Le Tour 2003

-Grandsire of 03 CU 26533, 5th 300 km and 11th Overall Mid-Island Derby

-Grandsire of 04 CU 22504, 1st 500 km, 8th 300 km & 5th Sprint Champion Le Tour 2004

-Grandsire of 05 IND 51783, 2nd 500 km, 6th Long and 6th Overall Le Tour 2005

-Grandsire of 05 CU 23239, 11th 500 km Le Tour 2005 but not entered