05 CU 23287  was bred from 99CU45084 x 95GLPH1042 (bred by Mike van der Jagt).  "87's" brother was 4th MP Derby 2005 (350 miles, 5 day birds). 

"23287" remains my best breeder ever.  His sire is a full brother to "Y2Kay""23287" has bred very competitive birds in major futurities and excellent ybs flying for me.  His greatest achievement was breeding 1st UNC Bond Race 2010 (565km) when only 23% were day birds.  In that race our loft shipped 5 birds and they were 1st, 2nd, 9th & 25th. Also, "23287's" sons are breeding "tough day" birds as well.  (See breeding history below.)


 Breeding History

2006 - Bred CU24589 who flew 2500 km in 9 races (1st drop 8 times) Tour Testing Station (TTS).

2007 - Bred CU21156 & CU21157 who were 3rd & 10th Overall TTS and he bred 08CU0910 16th Overall TTS.

2010 - Bred 1st UNC Bond Race 2010 (565km) when only 23% of the birds clocked on the day. (Flown by Ron Hastie) NOTE: Close relatives scored 2nd, 9th, 25th.

2012 - Bred NOVA651, flew the Empire Classic placing 16th/427b/165m, 37th/428b/305m & 87th/203b/380m.

2013 - Bred NOVA430, 49th OGB Race, 86L, 729B, 523km. (Flown by Ron Hastie and his 1st bird to clock)