"01 CU 40790" was bred from Mordant x YTukay and she is a full sister to the Alberta Classic 2000 winner and CU 30019/01.

40790 is dam of 02 CU 24520, 20th Sprint Champion, 4th 100 km, 6th 200 km, 5th 300km and 5th 400 km Le Tour 2001 and bought by Bobby Celios at the auction (see below).  02 CU 24520 was  5th Overall going to the 500 km but arrived home late due to an injury.

Breeding Performance of Next of Kin


02 CU 24520 bred for Bobby Celios 05 PIFE 0623 who was 2nd from a tough 350 km in the Le Tour flying 7:32:33 hours and arriving with the winner.  Both birds were ahead of the the next birds to arrive by 30 minutes .

Bob Percival's IND 51783/05 was bred from CU 38413/00 (1st OA AC 2000) and is a full sister to     CU 40790/01.  IND 51783/05 was 6th OA, 6th Long and 2nd at a very tough 500 km (arriving at sunrise) with only 1 day bird in the Le Tour 05.  A nest mate IND 51782 was 3rd from a                    very tough 350 km.