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Andrew Skrobot

302 Rosehill Road
Rosehill, NB
E2A 7H4
(506) 546 2073
Email: eskroban@nbnet.nb.ca

If you're in the area please feel free to drop in.  I am retired now so normally home most of the time but calling ahead would be appreciated.  We live about 15 km west of downtown Bathurst, NB on route 180 which is also the airport road.  Rosehill Road is a crescent so if you miss the first turn off you will have a second chance.  If you are coming from Bathurst look for Vanier Boulevard and drive west which continues and change to Route 180.  Probably the easiest thing to do is follow the airport signs and once you pass the airport, Rosehill Road is approximately 8 km past this point.

This is a "fairly" recent photo of me but you are unlikely to find me dressed so formally.  The second picture is what you mostly likely see.